Top 5 Benefits of High-Security Gates for Commercial Properties

Threats to our businesses — both physical and digital, continue to grow. Ensuring every aspect of your business is protected from harm’s way is of the utmost importance.

The gate should serve more than an aesthetic purpose.

Although visual appeal is important, securing the property with high-quality security gates will give you peace of mind each day.

In addition to standing tall against and withstanding intrusion, there are a number of benefits afforded via security gate to be considered. Here are the top 5:

black ornamental high-security gate with stone entryway columns on either side at the entrance of a thoroughbred farm

1. Provide Protection & Physical Deterrent

When it comes to protection, many business owners tend to think of the physical building, as opposed to the entire property.  

But facilities like hospitals, universities, prisons, and commercial enterprises can benefit from the added security of high-quality security gates.

Restricted areas, pedestrian entrances, and facility entrances often need an additional level of security.

Our secured designs act as a physical deterrent while offering the desired level of aesthetic appeal that many find desirable. The presence of a formidable security gate is often enough to discourage trespassers or on-lookers from trying to access the property.

Adding a gate to your property can also increase the level of privacy, which can be a welcomed change depending on the nature of the business.

2. Improved Control & Access

If your facility requires access-control features like a keypad, card reader, telephone entry, our security gate systems can incorporate the level of control that is needed.

This level of security further improves the security measures offered by our gates.  

3. Curb Appeal

Although one of the most important purposes of a security gate is to keep unwanted visitors outside, that does not mean it should hinder the property’s curb appeal.

Bear in mind that Access Anvil gates can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your property’s existing appearance.

Access Anvil gates can not only deter intruders but can also contribute to your facility’s visual appeal.

Imagine a security gate that enhances the surrounding landscape design and enhances your entryway.

4. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies are aware of the security gate benefits. Installing a security gate on your property may cause your insurance premiums to lower and could reduce the likelihood of costly future claims.

Unwanted visitors and vandals can cause property damage and accidents in your facility.  Keeping these intruders out of your facility will reduce the likelihood of these costs over time, as well as provide security for your teams.

5. Additional Safety

High-security gates do more than simply protect the surrounding property. Our carefully engineered systems can also help to provide added security to your most important resource: your people.

Restricting vehicles or intruders from gaining access to the building or property can provide the reassurance that employees are safe from trespassers.

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Thanks to our tried-and-true practices that have endured the test of time, our gates glide effortlessly while opening but are secure enough to withstand inclement weather and other hazardous situations.

Contact us today to discover how our engineering staff can plan, design, and install the high-security gate solution your property needs. Our systems will leave you with peace of mind long after the job has been completed.