High-Security Gates for Restricted-Access Areas & Sites

For industrial and restricted-access facilities, high-security gates are essential. This form of security gate ensures access to the grounds is limited to only authorized personnel.

In some settings, industrial-grade gates are installed at the entrance of the property, where access is granted only to authorized vehicles. Depending on the facility, a secondary high-security gate could be installed inside the premises to limit access in certain areas.

Commercial Security Gate Applications 

High-security gate systems can be used for a variety of industries and properties. Access Anvil systems ensure that only authorized vehicles and people are allowed inside past a specific point on the property. Access Anvil specializes in the designing and installation of high-security gates for industries like public utilities, airports, water treatment and chemical plants, municipal authorities, and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our high-security gate options and to determine which would be best suited for your property.  Allow our staff the opportunity to bring your security gate needs to life.

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