Pivot Gate Systems

Pivot Gates from Access Anvil come in several different styles and designs that can fit many different, specific situations.

A vertical pivot gate opens by rotating upward a one bottom corner and pivoting 90 degrees upward and resting on the site when fully open. Because of this, this type of gate is most suitable for industrial settings where space to the sides of a vehicular opening is limited and where no overhead restrictions exist.

Advantages of Pivot Gates

Pivot Gates are a popular choice for vehicle access control. Vertical Pivot Gates are mostly used in situations where a sliding or cantilever gate is impractical, due to space limitations on either side of the gate.

In addition to this, Vertical Pivot Gates work great in locations where snow and ice accumulates, as it can prevent sliding gates from operating. They are also very quick to open and close, typically in 7 to 12 seconds which prevents any traffic delays.

We have a wide variety of gate styles, designs, and sizes including ornamental gates for commercial or residential settings. At Access Anvil we can also over several different gate materials including aluminum and steel. 

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