How Commercial Chain-Link Fences are Installed

Protecting a business and its surrounding property is paramount for business owners and operators.

One way to do so is by having a high-quality commercial chain-link fence installed.

Commercial chain-link fences offer an uncompromised level of security, but enough visibility that facilities like police stations, colleges, and private properties still deem beneficial — and the best option for its needs.

If a chain-link fence is the protection your business and/or property needs, Access Anvil has you covered.

This is how we approach each chain-link fence installation:

Prepping the Area for Chain-Link Fence Installation

First, the proper zoning and building permits are approved and posted while the project management team calls a locator service to identify the locations of underground utilities.  Since we work on commercial properties, it’s the owner’s responsibility to identify areas where installations of underground infrastructure have been completed.

Some local zoning restrictions may specify height or fence-type restrictions, even some that could impact a high-visibility barricade like a chain-link fence.

Our team measures the lineal feet of the fence and follows specifications for the design, layout, and installation.

Installing the Chain-Link Fence

The fence installation begins with measuring and laying out all of the places for the fence to be built — the fence lines — including the gate, line, corner and end posts, the structure needed to install the fence and gates.

Our team then drills and installs all of the corner, end, and gate posts first. Then infills between with line posts per the pre-planned fence line layout.

The fence posts set in concrete bases long-lasting strength and durability.

Post caps are then installed on top of the posts. We will install a combination of rails or tension wire to meet the specification for the project.  Once the rails are installed, we stretch the fabric and finish the fence installation.

Access controls, automatic gates and pedestrian entrances are installed after the fence line is complete.

Once the fence line meets the specification and is installed per the plans, we walk the project with the owner as a final quality check to ensure the project meets the customer’s requirement.

Cost & Quality of Commercial Fence Installation 

Cost for all commercial fence installations varies based on style, height, and size of the area being secured, but Access Anvil provides a contracted estimate for the work to be done that is approved by the customer prior to installation.

Get a Chain-Link Fence Installed

To learn more about getting a commercial chain-link fence installed at your business or commercial property, contact the team at Access Anvil today.

We’re able to provide safe, secure protection wherever it’s needed, with the visibility that matters and a fence that withstands the toughest tests.