How to Choose the Right Commercial Gate to Secure a Property

As a business owner, protecting employees, clients, and property is essential.

A commercial gate offers the safety and security needed to ensure proper measures are met.

Installing a commercial gate around a business deters criminal activity, secures the safety of people working at or visiting the facility, and decreases liability as an owner and employer.

Business owners and operators will likely find certain types of commercial gates are more suitable for specific properties than others based on the needs and goals of the gate being installed.

For instance, spaces with high volumes of vehicular traffic should consider barrier arms or hydraulic slide gates. Narrow spaces with overhead room may benefit from vertical pivot or vertical-lift gates.

Finding the right commercial gate that complements a business and gives its operators peace-of-mind can be achieved with Access Anvil’s products and services.

Different Types of Commercial Gates

Access Anvil offers the following types of commercial gates with full-service installation.

  • Chain Link Cantilever Slide Gates
  • Barrier Arms
  • Ornamental Cantilever Slide Gates
  • Pivot Gates
  • Vertical-Lift Gates

It is important to consider what type of commercial gate best suits the needs of the business having the gate(s) installed. Certain commercial gates work better than others for different facilities and conditions.

Slide Gates

Industrial slide gates are the most common choice for businesses in areas that face inclement weather or require heavy-duty protection such as commercial facilities.

Slide gates are also ideal for large-vehicle access. The design of these slide gates reduces the possibility of interfering with a large truck or trailer.

Many types of Access Anvil slide gates are manufactured by Tymetal, a leading manufacturer of commercial gates since 1985.

Barrier Arms

Barrier arms work best for regulating vehicular traffic.

These arms can be used in conjunction with a slide gate to ensure complete security at a facility after typical business hours or can be used alone for regulating vehicular traffic only.

Applications for barrier arms include parking lot structures, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, and schools or universities.

Facilities that must control authorized vehicles in and around the premises may find high-security barrier arms to be the solution.

Ornamental Slide Gates

For those looking for a more decorative security option, ornamental slide gates would be most suitable.

Estates enjoy the stylish and less industrial appearance of ornamental slide gates. These types of gates are a good option for locations that don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for quality security.

All Access Anvil ornamental slide gates are provided by Iron World Manufacturing. They are regarded as top producers of elegant, high quality, and low maintenance gate systems.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Areas facing heavy snow and ice can enjoy the vertical pivot gate’s upward rotation.

Because these pivot gates rotate vertically, businesses don’t have to worry about keeping the path or tracks clear of snow like with slide gates.

Vertical pivot gates also open and close within seconds, preventing traffic buildup.

Vertical pivot gates are often used to regulate the entry of vehicles in narrow spaces with unlimited overhead access.

Vertical-Lift Gates

Like pivot gates, vertical-lift gates are also useful in areas where space is limited.

A vertical-lift gate maneuvers straight up and its precision makes it a great option for transportation terminals, delivery docks, or other centers in constrained spaces.

Access Controls

The finishing touch to any commercial gate or door, Access Anvil offers a wide array of access control devices.

Choosing the right access control for a commercial gate depends on what type of traffic you expect to come in and out of the area.

For instance, private or visitor entries can be controlled via keypads, remote controls, or proximity card readers.

Public access or busier entry points may benefit from an app-controlled access system like the Cellgate Watchman System. Access Anvil currently offers this access option.

Using the associated app, access is conveniently monitored via cellular networks.

Consider Installing a Commercial Gate with Access Anvil

For quality service and great rates, Access Anvil is the simple solution for choosing the best commercial gate for a business.

Products are reasonably priced and expertly installed. Those making it happen have decades of experience and are constantly trained on ways to stay safe. They efficiently get the job done.

Contact the experienced team at Access Anvil for more information on getting the right commercial gate for your property.